Lemon Contamination: Conversation with Prof. Anne Loving

Today, Julia, Natalie, and I (Tristan) had a phone call with Professor Anne LaGrange Loving. She has recently tested lemons at 21 restaurants. What she found is greatly disturbing. She swabbed about 70 lemons, and found that 69.7% of them were loaded with bacteria. Some of the lemons had bacteria on the rind AND the flesh. Some of the lemons carried fecal bacteria. Yuck! Prof. Loving says that she thinks that the lemons possibly get contaminated from workers not washing their hands, using cutting boards that have been used to cut meat, and from contaminated knives. She also says that it would help if waiters and waitresses wore gloves to prevent human contamination. We also talked about solutions for this problem. We talked about scanners that could scan to make sure that your food was safe, disinfecting knife blocks, and machines to wash, cut, and distribute lemons without human contact.