Expanding the board

expanding the board!

expanding the board!

We added a 2 x 4 to the other side of our board so our rats will stay where they are supposed to. We learned the hard way when we realized we had programmed the robot while the rat was in the wrong place!


navitend provides Information Technology services to businesses and non-profit organizations across the United States from our northern New Jersey headquarters.

Our services are tailored for discerning organizations who view their IT capabilities as an asset of their business and who are concerned with the ROI on their IT investments.

navitend offers both “traditional” IT consulting services and comprehensive Managed Services

IT Consulting

When your computer says, “Contact your system administrator” — who do you call? If you don’t have someone to turn to with your IT needs, you can call navitend at 973.448.0070. Learn more about the range of services navitend offers.

Managed Services

The majority of our clients look to navitend to take care of their Information Technology investments. navitend provides around-the-clock monitoring and management of your servers and workstations to keep them running at their optimal level. We call our service: Proventiv.

Proventiv is a monthly subscription service with varying levels of management available and is a cost effective alternative to traditional approaches to IT support. Learn more about our Managed Services offerings.


Lemon Dangers!

Did you know that…

lemon juice, both from freshly squeezed lemons and packaged lemon juice sold for cooking, contains citric acid and is sometimes used to dissolve brown heroin for injection?

There is research showing that lemon juice can carry fungal infections, which can infect the heart (endocarditis) and eyes (candidal endopthalmitis). The candidal fungi lives on the skins of the lemons when they are growing on the tree, when the lemons are processed the fungus is transferred to the juice.

Among needle exchange workers attending our safer injecting courses during 2000/1, there was a rapid increase in awful stories of eyesight loss due to candidal endopthalmitis amongst their clients.

This was almost caused by the difficulties drug users were experiencing in buying citric acid, and the resulting increase in the use of lemon juice and vinegar as acidifiers, and was a significant part of the reason we were so motivated to source and supply sachets.

Candidal fungal contamination of vinigar is also possible.

This information was copied from http://www.exchangesupplies.org

Food Safety Myths:

Myth #4: I don’t need to wash fruits or vegetables if I’m going to peel them.

Fact: Because it’s easy to transfer bacteria from the peel or rind you’re cutting to the inside of your fruits and veggies, it’s important to wash all produce, even if you plan to peel it.

More myths coming soon!

This information was copied from http://www.foodsafety.gov/