Our Upcoming Competition

This Saturday, the exNihilo Robotics Team will compete in a qualifying FLL Competition. It will take place at the Hillsborough High School. We are hoping  to do well enough to move on to the State Competition at the Mount Olive High School.

Take Our LemonAid Survey

Do you think about the cleanliness of lemon or lime slices at a restaurant?

Have you ever seen a waiter or waitress put their fingers directly in your glass at a restaurant?

If it was possible to scan your food, report bacteria, and destroy bacteria in your food with an app would you use it?

What would be a fair price for the scanning and decontamination device and the software app you would buy?

How often would you use the app and the device?

The Project

Today, during our meeting, we decided the research project topic. The two foods we had narrowed down to were apple cider or lemons. The team decided on lemons. We also talked about possible solutions for problems with lemons.  One of  the biggest problems with lemons is human contact with the lemons. The lemons are loaded down with all sorts of disgusting bacteria. Also, the cutting boards and knifes used to cut the lemons are most likely yucky, too. Maybe the cutting boards were recently used to cut uncooked meat or other foods that could possibly carry bacteria that will get inside the lemons.