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Do you think about the cleanliness of lemon or lime slices at a restaurant?

Have you ever seen a waiter or waitress put their fingers directly in your glass at a restaurant?

If it was possible to scan your food, report bacteria, and destroy bacteria in your food with an app would you use it?

What would be a fair price for the scanning and decontamination device and the software app you would buy?

How often would you use the app and the device?

Our Competition at Hillsborough High School

Yesterday we competed at Hillsborough High School. We were nervous and excited. We were very happy with how we did on the project. Our teamwork and robot design judging also went well. When we competed with the robot, our first two runs weren’t great. Before and during the last run, our team was praying SO hard! We were specifically praying that the robot would successfully complete two of the missions that we hadn’t gotten. The programs worked, we got a good score, and we placed second for robot! We were SO excited! During the award ceremony, we thought we would get a 2nd place award for robot, but as time went on, we realized we probably wouldn’t get anything. Then, at the end, the MC commented that the team to which the final award was going had a robot that was precise, a trait we had stressed in our robot design judging. Then when the MC made a pun on the word “lemonade”… we realized we had won! Our solution to our food safety problem is called “LemonAid!” We were so excited. We were hugging, high-fiveing, and almost crying. We won the championship award and we are going to the state tournament! To those of you who are sponsors, thank you SO much for your support to us. Because of your funding, which helped us get our shirts, we were able to share what our team stands for, explaining that the “X” in exNihilo on our shirts represents the cross, and the world that stood for the “o” in exNihilo represents the world that needs to know Jesus.

We also won the championship award on one of our team member’s birthday. Happy Birthday!


Building with Legos

Here we see one of our builders tinkering with Legos. Building attachments is a big part of the Robot Game, because our robot needs tools to complete its tasks. For example, we might use a bucket to pick up Lego pieces on the board.

Expanding the board

expanding the board!

expanding the board!

We added a 2 x 4 to the other side of our board so our rats will stay where they are supposed to. We learned the hard way when we realized we had programmed the robot while the rat was in the wrong place!