Mount Olive State Competition!

The State Competition is tomorrow! Well, that came up fast. In just a few hours time, we will be presenting our project, participating in a teamwork assignment, explaining our robot, and, well, running the robot! We’re all hoping and praying that we do well!

The competition will be at Mount Olive High School. If you’d like to come support us, come around 12:00. Then, you’ll be able to walk around, see the team’s robot, projects, and awards, then watch the robot running at around 1:00 PM.

Update on Hillsborough Competition

We made it to the Mount Olive State Competition! This will take place on December 8th. To watch us run the robot, please come to Mount Olive High School. The robot running starts at around 1:00 PM, but if you would like to see the team pit area, come around 12:00 PM. Our team number is 7187, and we will be wearing black t-shirts, if you would like to come say hi!

Here is the address of Mount Olive High School:

18 Corey Road

Mount Olive, NJ 07836



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