Mount Olive Competition


This Saturday (March 8th) is the New Jersey State Tournament at Mount Olive high school, rescheduled from December because of a snowstorm. We are almost prepared for the competition and will be posting pictures and videos of our robot soon. Please subscribe to our youtube channel for the latest exNihilo Robotics videos: exnihilorobotics

Our Upcoming Competition

This Saturday, the exNihilo Robotics Team will compete in a qualifying FLL Competition. It will take place at the Hillsborough High School. We are hoping  to do well enough to move on to the State Competition at the Mount Olive High School.

Sponorship Opportunity

Today, I finished the Team Logo for both the Website and the Shirt.  I consulted the team on what color to choose, and then finalized it and put it up.  I also began working on the letter that we will send out to attempt to get sponsors for our teams.  Again, if you are interested in sponsoring our team email me at:  Thanks.



Graphic Design Team and Video Editor

Food Safety Myths:

Myth #4: I don’t need to wash fruits or vegetables if I’m going to peel them.

Fact: Because it’s easy to transfer bacteria from the peel or rind you’re cutting to the inside of your fruits and veggies, it’s important to wash all produce, even if you plan to peel it.

More myths coming soon!

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Sponsorship possibilities are now available.  If you are interested in sponsoring this team, email me at  I will get you information on Sponsorship Opportunities ASAP, but at a minimum, sponsoring our team will help with exposure for your company – either on the website, on our T-Shirts, or at our pit area (our table) on competition day.