Our Robot

Synchro Drive prototype:

This is a synchro drive robot. It uses two motors to drive around the field of play and is different from most other Lego Mindstorms robots we have built in the past.

A synchro drive has at least three turntables, which all turn at the same time, i.e. “synchronously”. Mounted on these turntables are wheels upon which the robot sits and moves across the floor or playing surface.

One motor drives the turntable-mounted wheels, while a second motor steers by rotating the turntables.

Top view of prototype (without NXT or motors):

Bottom View:

Side view:

Side view of Synchro-Drive Robot

Mid-season 4WD robot:

Design was very fast, but was incapable of making consistent turns, an issue that many FLL teams face when designing four wheel drive robots. Because of this problem, the design was abandoned.

Bottom view showing gears

Side View

Top view with attachments

LDD instructions for 2012 Competition robot!

Download .lxf file.

LDD instructions for 2013 competition robot!

Download .lxf file.


More pictures coming soon!